We believe that every company has a duty to be environmentally responsible and we take this responsibility very seriously. All our materials are sourced from sustainably managed forests and meet stringent global environmental standards.

Wood, if sourced correctly, is one of the most renewable resources in the world. Other kinds of manmade floors are produced in factories which requires huge amounts of energy and the emission of more greenhouse gases.

We use wood that is planted for the production of natural rubber as the base for our products. This means the tree is neither removed from the forest nor cut down for timber. It is only felled when it has to be replaced towards the end of its natural productive life. In fact around 70% of every board we produce as finished flooring is from plantation sourced wood.

For the precious hardwood that is used for the face, we take every care to ensure that we purchase only legally sourced timber.

You may therefore walk on your beautiful floor with absolute confidence that you have made the right choice for both you and our planet.

We use timber more efficiently and with less impact on the environment than a traditional timber floor.